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Jac Vapour Watermelon E Liquid Review

Jac Vapour Watermelon PG E Liquid

Zesty, fresh watermelon. Tastes juicy, sweet and fruity with a tang. This e-liquid is quite flavoursome and tastes great with Kiwi, as well as when combined with Grape. Imagine a melon Jolly Rancher and you have JAC Vapour Watermelon. Available in 2 varieties: PG which is 80% PG, 20% VG and VG which is 80% […]

Gamucci Watermelon E Liquid Review

Gamucci Watermelon E Liquid

One of the most refreshing flavours. Embrace Gamucci’s Watermelon flavour e-liquid today. Gamucci Watermelon Ultra Premium E-liquid. E-liquid compatible with all refillable electronic cigarettes. 16mg Nicotine, e-liquid comes in a 10ml bottle. View all Gamucci E Liquid.

Element Watermelon E Liquid Review

Element Watermellon Chill E Liquid

Vibrantly juicy watermelon chiller. The refreshing sweetness of watermelon meets the smooth chill of mint. This mouthwatering combination of juicy fruit with refreshing mint is the perfect remedy to beat the heat. Watermelon Chill gives you dense clouds of vapor, creating your own personal oasis. View all Element E Liquid. element e liquid watermelon chill£5.99Vapourizelement […]

Apollo Kiwi Watermelon E Liquid Review

Apollo Kiwi Watermelon E Liquid

This juicy E-Liquid delivers a sweet blast of flavour, but it doesn’t taste like candy – kiwi adds a splash of sour for a bright, vibrant “hello there!” It’s mild on the throat, but packs a flavourful punch and has been a huge hit in our US stores. 60% Propylene Glycol/40% Vegetable Glycerin All Apollo […]

Apollo Watermelon E Liquid Review

Apollo Watermelon E Liquid

Hello, berries! You’ll pick up several flavours here- the sweetness of blueberries; the sour bite of raspberries; the mellow richness of blackberries. It’s a tried-and-true combination and probably one you’ve tasted before… but never quite like this. With a sweet, piquant feel, hello-there throat hit, and clean, long-lasting finish, it’s almost like vaping a smoothie! […]

Jac Vapour Kiwi E Liquid Review

Jac Vapour Kiwi PG E Liquid

A true crisp kiwi flavour with a slight tang, fresh and not too sweet or overpowering. Independently tested for quality in UK labs. This is an inoffensive flavour, and perfect for those looking to move from tobacco flavours to a lighter fruity flavour. Great mixed with watermelon for a taste of the tropics. 80% PG, […]